Your Recruiters’ software is your software

Over 10,000 recruitment companies exist in the UK serving all manner of industries, professions and competencies. Many exist because, except for a small start-up cost, there are few barriers to entry into the market.

Recruitment companies have one of the highest rates of commercial failure as the low barrier to entry means plenty of competition and plenty of back-end costs. For those that do make it, business is most often won because a clients priorities centre around three key factors that matter the most: Can you find us the right people? Can you do it within set time parameters? Can you do so at an affordable and effective cost? Little else often matters to the client.


This week is an exciting one for Staff One as we are at the end of the initial development of a bespoke recruitment software system which has caused us to reflect on how other businesses in our sector implement back-end systems that reinforce the front-end result.


For many recruitment businesses, the database/CRM/applicant tracking system is the bit that could get left behind because it’s the bit that doesn’t get seen by the client. It can be an expensive piece in the puzzle of running a recruitment company and can always be an afterthought to be sorted “later on”.

Actually, the systems that a recruiter uses are the real features that the client is paying for.

As we launch a system that tracks our behaviour, our focus on quality and our legal compliance, we’re really excited. But does it all matter to the client? It should!

We hope that with changing economic, political and commercial horizons, that more and more companies will include an analysis of systems in their choice of recruitment partner. Systems reinforce a recruiters’ calibre, their volume and quality of data and allow the client to judge the value for money on offer.

Our system; multi-platform, mobile, compatible, secure.

If you would like to ask us more about our systems, our people and to find out about how the things we do can improve your recruitment plans, we’d love to talk. Email us, call us, or drop a quick message below and a senior member of our team will be in touch straight away to chat.