Indeed: continuing to innovate recruitment

We love technological innovation and discovering how companies are continuing to enhance the recruitment spectrum.

With the advent of the digital age, Recruitment was forever changed and with online job pages eclipsing print and newspaper advertising, organisations found more effective ways to reach their target audience of candidates.

Since its launch in 2004 Indeed, with its technology of capturing vacancies from a multitude of job boards and aggregating them in one central site, has quickly become the number one job page by volume, globally.

Indeed continually seek to find new ways in which to capture recruiters and businesses seeking to find staff.

We were excited to learn recently about the new Indeed Job Spotter app that has been designed to seek out and promote vacancies for businesses that still use the old fashioned “sign in a window” method for finding people to fill their jobs.

Image Credit: lottyearns

The wonderful Lottyearns blog from the incredibly informed money blogger Lotty Burns, does a great job (better than we ever could) of explaining how the new app encourages users to take photos of jobs they see on walls and windows of businesses in exchange for Amazon vouchers.


Indeed hope to increase the number of job opportunities on their page – and no doubt the number of organisations that currently use them directly as a recruitment platform – by incentivising keen eyed app users to capture recruitment data that can then feed into their site. A win all round, employers get coverage, candidates get jobs and app users get paid.

By continuing to innovate the recruitment industry, Indeed are seeking to secure their position as an ever diversifying and improving platform.

We use a multitude of outlets to advertise our vacancies and to source our candidates if you want to know more about our approach to recruitment and how we can support your organisation or career. Call us today for a confidential discussion about our capability on 03300 53 56 00.